Clint Allen / Martin Fondse / Zapp 4
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New classical/jazz crossover music for trumpet, piano and string quartet.

This limited edition CD features Australian trumpeter Clint Allen, the infamous Dutch pianist/composer Martin Fondse, and the extraordinary Amsterdam-based Zapp 4 String Quartet (winners of the prestigious Sena Performers Toonzetters Award in 2012) performing new music by a host of renowned composers (Robert Davidson, Steve Newcomb, Thomas Green, Leonard Evers, Martin Fondse, Oene Van Geel and Robert Maggio).

This album documents Churchill Fellowship recipient Clint Allen’s foray into contemporary composition and performance that seeks to bring modern jazz together with classical sensibilities. After rehearsing in Amsterdam at the ‘Theatre de Roode Bioscoop’, the six musicians travelled to the famous ‘Fattoria Musica’, a recording studio in Osnabrück, Germany (with an amazing Steinway D-series concert grand piano), which is located on a beautiful old farm and is considered to be one of the leading facilities for music production in Germany.

“Impulse” hints of contemporary jazz, minimalism and avant-garde experimentalism, where the improvisations are themselves organic and act seamlessly with the compositions. Recorded under the watch of renowned sound engineer, Chris Weeda and mastered by Darius Van Helfteren (Amsterdam Mastering), the result is a CD of haunting beauty, unsettling at times with dark overtones, but with glistening strings and gorgeous piano lines.

A one-of-a-kind limited edition CD.
released 01 April 2013
Trumpet: Clint Allen
Piano: Martin Fondse
Violin: Jasper le Clercq
Violin: Jeffrey Bruinsma
Viola: Oene van Geel
Cello: Jörg Brinkmann

Recorded @ Fattoria Musica (Osnabrück, Germany)
Sound engineer: Chris Weeda
Produced: Martin Fondse & Chris Weeda
Mastering: Darius Van Helfteren (Amsterdam Mastering)

Recorded in Germany on 22 & 23 June, 2012.

1. Impulse (6:49) – Thomas Green
2. Song (6:25) – Leonard Evers
3. Glare (4:44) – Robert Davidson
4. Crystal Quiet #1 (3:32) – Martin Fondse
5. The River (5:23) – Oene van Geel
6. To Walk (5:34) – Steve Newcomb
7. Surfarara (6:14) – Robert Maggio
8. Crystal Quiet #2 (7:33) – Martin Fondse