Review: The Soundscapes Quintet – “Globaletic”

Review: The Soundscapes Quintet – “Globaletic”
ITG Journal, Vol. 36, No. 3 (March 2012)
(Jim Martinicic, adjunct instructor of music, Joliet Junior College, Joliet, Illinois).

Globaletic is the debut CD effort by the Soundscapes Quintet, an Australian group formed in 2007. This eclectic collection of songs is sumptuous and arousing to the spirit and spirit. The CD title implies that the music is global (has worldwide appeal), while also interweaving a variety of genres in an eclectic fashion. This incredible potpourri of sound, emotion, and rhythmic grooves are drawn from classical, Latin, jazz, swing, funk, and other world music. The improvisational skill of these five exciting musicians explodes on every track. The angular harmonic content and strong rhythmic continuity provide an incredible background structure that allows the creativity and spirit of these artists to flow.

Bridge to Hell has a modal Miles feel that trumpeter Clint Allen performs beautifully. The piece alternates introspective and up-tempo extroversion. Take That! showcases Clint Allen doing some sweet muted trumpet work in combination with a tight ensemble in a swing-bop style. Downward Spiral is a marvelous vehicle for Clint Allen’s haunting and heartfelt flugelhorn work. Southside Pocket demonstrates the great ensemble chemistry within this group, navigating a variety of grooves and harmonic soundscapes. Spur of the Moment has a familiar Chick Corea “Spain-like” vibe in the beginning and then modulates to an emotional mid-section before returning to an up-tempo ensemble coda.

There are no liner notes for this project. It would have been nice to see what the group’s concept was for their songs. However, it is just as sweet to let the listen interpret the songs as he or she hears the group on this fusion-filled soundscape. This is a CD that will be enjoyed by anyone interested in 21-century eclectic and world ensemble genres.